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Article Submissions and Corrections

Notice the Log-in screen on the left.

Enter your user name and password to login to the site. Once you are logged in you'll notice that there is a small icon at the top of every article that looks like a piece of paper and pencil. This icon will only show up after you log in. you can use that icon\button to edit any article on the server. Once logged in you can also create a totally new article too.

Click on the icon and the article will open in an edit mode. You can then update the text and save it.

You can also add photos to any article. Click on the "image" button at the bottom of the article.
1) Use the browse button to find photos on your own PC
2) Click the upload button to copy it up to the server.

After the photo is uploaded
3) click the photo in the thumbnail section where all the photos are listed, this adds its location into the document.
4) Click the insert button in the upper right corner and tada your photo is in the article. Of course you can add any image that already resides on the server by clicking the image in the thumbnails and then clicking the insert button.


To Create a new article click the "Submit an Article" button on the lower left corner of the screen. It is in the "User Menu". This opens a blank article edit window. Make sure you choose a catagory and mark the article as published. Un-published articles will not show up on the website. Adding a menu link to directly access your article requires access to the administration section. the administration or back end can be accessed through this link.


To understand how Joomla works in more detail you can take a look at these videos.


Using Joomla:


Creating Articles:


Working with Article Options:


Module Positioning:





Creating Categories:



Admin Interface tour: